Posted On: January 31, 2011

Woman Pedestrian Loses Her Leg in Chicago Car Crash

Joanne McGee, 58, was standing at a bus stop last Wednesday when she a Buick LeSabre drove onto the sidewalk and ran into her. In addition to other injuries that she sustained in the Chicago car crash, she broke one leg and the other had to be amputated.

Police arrested the Buick’s driver, 21-year-old Tyreesha Fraley, on Friday. She had fled from her vehicle at the crash site and is now charged with a number of offenses, including failure to render aid to the injured, driving without a license, and failure to report an accident involving injury.

Chicago Car Accident Cases
If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a traffic crash that was caused by someone else, our Chicago car accident lawyers would like to urge you to explore your legal options right away. With injuries that are severe, it is important that your Chicago injury lawsuit is handled professionally to increase the chances of you receiving the maximum financial recovery possible.

Your Chicago auto crash lawyer can help you understand the nature of your case, gather the necessary documents, facts, and evidence to build your case, talk to witnesses, assess your injuries and expected medical and recovery expenses, determine how much income you will lose because of time you’ll have to take from work, assess your current health insurance coverage, deal with the other party’s insurer and attorneys, prepare your case, and determine whether settling or going to court is best for your claim or lawsuit.

Hit-run crash cost victim her leg, prosecutors say, Chicago Tribune, January 29, 2011

Police: Residents help ID bus stop hit-and-run suspect, ABC Local, January 31, 2011

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Posted On: January 26, 2011

17-Year-Old Dies in Chicago Car Crash that Leaves Five Others with Injuries

Francisco Campos, 20, is charged with one felony count of aggravated DUI/accidental death and one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence in a West Rogers Park car accident that killed 17-year-old Bahra Echmail, who was a passenger in the car. The Chicago traffic crash occurred early Saturday on North Central Avenue.

According to police, Campos crashed his 2003 Ford Explorer SUV while speeding when it failed to yield the right of way at an intersection and struck a 1997 Nissan Maxima. The SUV then proceeded to hit two parked autos before jumping a curb and hitting a tree. Echmail, who sustained cervicospinal injuries, was one of the passengers in Campos’s vehicle. Campos and four other teenagers sustained injuries during the Cook County auto crash.

Chicago Car Accidents
There are Chicago motor vehicle cases involving people who were riding in the same car, with the driver as the defendant and the passenger as the plaintiff. Even if you are friends with the driver, it is important that if you are considering pursuing a claim that you don’t speak with the other party’s insurer or attorney until you explore you legal options and find out whether you have a case on your hands.

Common grounds for this type of Chicago car accident lawsuit:
• Driver error
• Drunk driving
• Drugged driving
• Speeding
• Distracted driving
• Failure to obey traffic signs
• Cell phone driving or texting

In Illinois, the state of limitations for filing a Chicago car accident claim seeking injury damages is two years from the date of the accident. For minors, the statute starts running on his/her 18th birthday.

Man charged in crash that killed girl, 17, ABC Local, January 24, 2011

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Posted On: January 20, 2011

Illinois Court of Claims Awards $8M to Family of Uhl Sisters Killed in 2007 Car Crash Caused by State Trooper Accused of Speeding, Texting, and Cell Phone Driving

The Illinois Court of Claims has awarded $8 million to the parents of 18-year-old Jessica Uhl and her 15-year-old sister Kelli Uhl. The Collinsville sisters died in 2007 in a head-on Illinois car crash involving state trooper Matt Mitchell on Interstate 64. This is the highest award ever issued by the court.

Mitchell, claims that he lost control of his auto because another vehicle that cut him off was headed to the scene of an accident when the Illinois auto crash happened. However, there is evidence indicating that he was speeding at 126 miles per hour, talking on his cell phone to his girlfriend, and sending emails on his in-dash computer. Mitchell pleaded guilty in criminal court to reckless driving and reckless homicide. He was given 30 months probation.

The civil case went to the Court of Claims and not an Illinois wrongful death jury because the state has sovereign immunity from lawsuits. This is important to note, because many injury victims might balk at filing a claim against the state for fear that they are wasting their time. It is important that you explore your legal options because there still may be a way for you to obtain your financial recovery.

Court of Claims Judge Peter J. Birnbaum concluded that Mitchell caused the girls’ deaths, breached his duty of reasonable care, and drove his police vehicle in a way that endangered others. Out of the $8 million award, the girls’ mom, Kimberly Schlau will receive $3.5 million for the loss of her daughters. Their father, Brian Uhl, will also receive $3.5 million. Their half siblings, Madelyn Dorsey and Anthony Uhl will each get $500,000. The award must pass through the Senate and House before the governor can sign it and send to the state comptroller.

Chicago Car Accidents Involving Police Vehicles
Even when a police officer is heading to an accident or crime scene, he/she must still drive safely and responsibly so as to not cause a Chicago car accident. Distracted driving, speeding, texting while driving, talking on the cell phone, drugged driving, and drunken driving are some of the careless acts that can cause tragic auto collisions.

Mitchell, who is no longer with the Illinois State Police, has filed a workers’ compensation claim for the injuries he sustained in the traffic crash that killed the Uhl sisters.

Family Gets $8 Million in Fatal Trooper Crash, CBS St. Louis Local, January 19, 2011

Family of Collinsville sisters killed in crash receives $8 million from state, BND, January 19, 2011

Ex-State Trooper Convicted of Motor Vehicle Deaths of Uhl Sisters Seeks Illinois Workers’ Compensation Benefits for His Injuries from the Crash, Chicago Workers' Compensation Lawyer Blog, September 22, 2010

Illinois Car Accident Lawsuit: Uhl Family Seeks $46 Million for Wrongful Death of Daughters From Police Pursuit, Chicago Car Accident Attorneys Blog, May 7, 2010

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Posted On: January 10, 2011

Chicago Car Accident Injures Two Teenagers

Two teens sustained injuries on Wednesday when they were hit in a Chicago pedestrian by a car that had driven onto the sidewalk where they were standing. The vehicle then proceeded to crash into a restaurant.

The 15-year-old girl who was struck broke her ankle while the 16-year-old girl sustained minor injuries. Also injured in the Chicago car crash was 61-year-old George Corso, who was driving the car that hit the two teens. Corso has been ticketed for negligent driving.

In other recent Cook County traffic crash news, a 70-year-old man was killed in a Chicago pedestrian accident on December 27, 2010. At the time of the Chicago car accident, the victim, Raymond Veloz, was exchanging information with another motorist over another accident that had just happened. The driver of the third vehicle was cited for failing to avoid hitting a pedestrian. The two drivers who had been involved in separate collisions with Veloz said that the sun had temporarily made it difficult for them to see the road.

Just the day before, 25-year-old Angeline De Leon was killed when the car she was riding in struck a tree in Chicago’s Medical Village neighborhood. Also injured in the Chicago car accident were the driver, 23-year-old Brandon Reed, and a four-year-old boy. Reed, who was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, has since been charged with a misdemeanor DUI. He also received a ticket for driving on a revoked license. More charges may be pending.

Lane Tech students hit by car crossing street, Sun-Times, January 6, 2011

Driver in fatal crash charged with DUI, Chicago Tribune, December 29, 2010

Man killed in South Chicago crash, Chicago Breaking News, December 27, 2010

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