Posted On: February 28, 2011

Family to Proceed with Illinois Auto Products Liability Lawsuit Despite NASA & NHTSA Findings that Electronic Flaws Did Not Cause Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Even though a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study has found that electronic flaws are not to blame for the many sudden unintended acceleration crashes involving Toyota vehicles, the family of Leon Przybylowski say that they plan to proceed with their Illinois auto products liability lawsuit over his wrongful death.

Przybylowski, an 87-year-old Streamwood resident, died in May 2010 when his Toyota Corolla suddenly accelerated in a South Elgin strip mall, causing it to hit a parked auto and a wall. His family filed an Illinois wrongful death complaint in November—one of 400 auto products liability lawsuits against Toyota blaming defective electronics.

Now, however, the NHTSA’s study, which was put together with the help of NASA engineers, has found that instead of electronic flaws, mechanical and human errors may have been responsible. Przybylowski’s family they are not convinced. His Toyota Corolla was one of the vehicles that were recalled for faulty engine control modules. At the time, Toyota said the safety issue might cause engine failure or harsh shifting.

Last week, Toyota Motor Corp. recalled another 2.17 million autos because of floor mat and accelerator pedal entrapment issues—two other causes of sudden unintended acceleration accidents that were previously cited. A Toyota or Lexus with this safety issue might accelerate out of control suddenly if the accelerator were to get stuck in the floor mat. Meantime, NHTSA says it is closing its probe into the matter of pedal entrapment and it is satisfied with how Toyota has handled this problem.

Family undeterred by report on Toyota issues, Chicago Tribune, February 23, 2011

Toyota Corolla Driver's Alleged Unintended Acceleration Accident Caught on Security Camera, MYFoxChicago, November 10, 2010

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Posted On: February 22, 2011

More than a Year After Sustaining Head Trauma in an Illinois Car Crash, Man Dies in a Chicago Hospital

28-year-old Elvis Hernandez is dead from injuries he suffered almost a year-and-a-half ago during an Illinois car wreck in Aurora. Hernandez has been in the hospital since October 9, 2009, when the car he was in a passenger in was involved in a traffic crash with a box truck.

The Aurora man was riding in a 1999 Lexus SUV driven by David Solis, also 28, when the latter rear-ended a 2009 International 4400 box truck that was stopped in traffic. Following the Illinois truck crash, Solis drove his SUV into a gas station parking lot and fled the scene. Hernandez, who sustained major head trauma, remained in the front passenger seat.

45 minutes after the Aurora car accident, Solis returned to the crash site. He was charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, driver under the influence of drugs, driving without insurance, and driving on a suspended license. Currently behind bars over these charges, more are likely pending now that Hernandez has died.

Chicago Car Crash Injuries
Sustaining a serious injury during a Chicago car crash can be tough physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. Recovery can take months or, in some severe cases, a victim is left permanently disabled. The bills for hospital stays, 24-hour care, rehabilitation services, doctor visits, medications, surgeries, tests, as well as the loss of income, benefits, and future earnings can take a toll.

Man dies year after DUI crash, charges upgraded, ABC Local, February 22, 2011

Aurora crash victim dies 16 months later, Daily Herald, February 21, 2011

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Posted On: February 15, 2011

Distracted Driving: Chicago Car Crash Occurred Because Driver was Updating Facebook Page, Claims Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The daughter of Raymond Veloz claims that distracted driving caused the fatal Chicago car crash that killed him last year. Veloz, 70, was struck by a car in a Cook County pedestrian accident on December 7, 2010.

Veloz had just gotten out of his car to trade information with the driver of another vehicle he had just been involved in a Chicago traffic crash with when he was hit by another auto driven by Araceli Beas. Veloz’s right leg was partially severed during the collision, and his daughter alleges that this caused him to bleed to death.

In her Chicago wrongful death lawsuit against Beas, Regina Cabrales claims that the driver was using her cell phone to update her Facebook page when she struck Veloz. Beas, who was cited for failing to avoid striking a pedestrian, has said that her ability to see the road was impeded by the sun. Cabrales, however, claims that Beas was negligent in driving her car, failed to keep a proper lookout, used an electronic communication device while driving, and did not slow down to avoid an accident. Cabrales is seeking unspecified damages from Beas.

Chicago Cell Phone Accidents
It’s already been established that talking or texting on a cell phone can distract a driver enough to cause a Chicago car crash. Is it any surprise then that updating one’s Facebook status or publishing a Twitter post can prove catastrophic when done while operating a motor vehicle?

Any time a driver stops paying full attention to the task at hand, he/she increases the chances of becoming involved in an auto collision. Multitasking does not work when one is driving especially because a part of the brain that should be focused on driving is now also doing something else.

If you believe that a driver caused a Chicago car crash because he/she was cell phone driving, your injury attorney can help access phone and data records and other evidence to prove your case.

Suit: Woman in fatal crash was updating Facebook, Chicago Breaking News, February 15, 2011

Driver Was Updating Facebook Page When She Ran Over, Killed Elderly Man: Lawsuit, MyFoxChicago, February 14, 2011

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Posted On: February 11, 2011

Nursing Home Worker Dies from Injuries Sustained in Chicago Car Crash Involving Hit-and-Run Driver

Three weeks after he was injured in a Chicago hit-and-run car collision, nursing home worker Courtney Hughes has died. He was driving to get gas at about 2am on January 21 when his vehicle was broadsided by another auto.

According to Hughes' relatives, it was another half hour before someone reported the Chicago car accident. He died yesterday following surgery for his injuries. Police are trying to locate the hit-and-run driver.

Chicago Car Accidents Involving Hit-and-Drivers
Just because you were struck in a hit-and-run crash doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore your legal options. Over the years, our Chicago injury lawyers have successfully represented many clients injured in hit-and-run collisions and in other accidents involving drivers who were uninsured or underinsured. Ideally, police will eventually locate the responsible driver. But even if they don’t, you may still be able to pursue a successful claim against your insurer. There also may be other parties who should be held liable.

Just this Tuesday, two women suffered critical injuries in a Chicago pedestrian accident also involving a hit-and-run driver on a Loop street. The Cook County, Illinois traffic crash occurred at around 7pm on South State Street. The victims, both in their 50’s, were transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Last Friday, a man was killed in another hit-and run accident. The victim, who was found unresponsive on the road following the Humboldt Park car accident was pronounced dead at the scene.

Some reasons why drivers hit and run:
• Fear of the consequences
• Drunk or drugged driving
• He/she already has a criminal record
• Panic

Hit-and-run victim dies after surgery, ABC7 News, February 11, 2011

Man killed in apparent hit-and-run near Humboldt Park, Chicago Sun-TImes, February 5, 2011

Two Critically Injured During Loop Hit-And-Run, CBS Local, February 8, 2011

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