Posted On: February 15, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Distracted Driving: Chicago Car Crash Occurred Because Driver was Updating Facebook Page, Claims Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The daughter of Raymond Veloz claims that distracted driving caused the fatal Chicago car crash that killed him last year. Veloz, 70, was struck by a car in a Cook County pedestrian accident on December 7, 2010.

Veloz had just gotten out of his car to trade information with the driver of another vehicle he had just been involved in a Chicago traffic crash with when he was hit by another auto driven by Araceli Beas. Veloz’s right leg was partially severed during the collision, and his daughter alleges that this caused him to bleed to death.

In her Chicago wrongful death lawsuit against Beas, Regina Cabrales claims that the driver was using her cell phone to update her Facebook page when she struck Veloz. Beas, who was cited for failing to avoid striking a pedestrian, has said that her ability to see the road was impeded by the sun. Cabrales, however, claims that Beas was negligent in driving her car, failed to keep a proper lookout, used an electronic communication device while driving, and did not slow down to avoid an accident. Cabrales is seeking unspecified damages from Beas.

Chicago Cell Phone Accidents
It’s already been established that talking or texting on a cell phone can distract a driver enough to cause a Chicago car crash. Is it any surprise then that updating one’s Facebook status or publishing a Twitter post can prove catastrophic when done while operating a motor vehicle?

Any time a driver stops paying full attention to the task at hand, he/she increases the chances of becoming involved in an auto collision. Multitasking does not work when one is driving especially because a part of the brain that should be focused on driving is now also doing something else.

If you believe that a driver caused a Chicago car crash because he/she was cell phone driving, your injury attorney can help access phone and data records and other evidence to prove your case.

Suit: Woman in fatal crash was updating Facebook, Chicago Breaking News, February 15, 2011

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