Posted On: April 13, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Bicycle Accidents: Safety Advocates Want State to Track the Number of ‘Dooring’ Accidents

Although the state has taken action to improve bicycle safety with new laws, the Active Transportation Alliance wants transportation officials to keep count of ‘dooring’ accidents. The safety advocates group says this type of crash is the most common type of Illinois bicycle accident. However, because these traffic incidents don’t involve moving vehicles, the Illinois Department of Transportation says that it doesn’t track them and is denying the safety advocates' request.

Getting “doored” involves a moving bicyclist getting hit by a car door that suddenly opens. Usually the car is one that is parked and the door that opens is the one on the driver’s side.

Dooring accidents can cause serious injuries. One rider, 22-year-old Clinton Micelli, died in a Chicago bicycle accident in 2008 after he was struck by an SUV door whose driver opened it while on North LaSalle Street. Micelli fell off his bike and was run over by another vehicle.

Considering that, per Illinois Department of Transportation statistics, about 3,500 Illinois bicycle crashes happen a year, causing over 3,300 injuries and at least 18 fatalities, it is important that safety officials do their part to help decrease the number of cycling collisions.

Bicyclists are so vulnerable to serious injuries and death during a Chicago car crash. Not only can some injuries be debilitating, disabling, and life-altering, but also, the costs of medical care and recovery can be very high.

Unfortunately, some people don’t even realize that they may be entitled to personal injury compensation or that they do have just cause to file a claim. Don’t jump to conclusions. Contact our Chicago car accident law firm and ask for your free case evaluation.

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