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Chicago Police Department Says 5 of the 13 Cops Arrested For DUI in 2008 Were Involved in Illinois Car Accidents

The Chicago Police Department has revealed that thirteen of its officers were arrested last year for driving drunk. Five of these cops were involved in Chicago car accidents, with two of the incidents resulting in personal injuries.

Following the arrest of Detective Joseph Frugoli for the deadly drunk driving accident on the Dan Ryan Expressway that claimed the lives of two men, the Chicago Tribune had inquired about any driving under the influence violations involving Chicago police. The veteran Chicago cop’s blood-alcohol content was over triple that of the legal drinking limit following Friday's deadly car accident.

In the last four years, Frugoli was involved in two other Illinois car accidents but he was never given a sobriety test at either of the crash sites because police officers said he did not seem drunk.

Now, Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weiss has revised departmental policy so that any police officer who thinks another cop is drunk must tell the on-duty watch commander who must go to the scene. The alleged intoxication incident must also be reported to internal affairs. Weiss also wants peer counselors in the department to receive advanced training on how to deal with alcohol issues and more steps will be taken to put out messages warning officers about the dangers of drinking too much.

Of the 13 Chicago cops arrested for DUI last year, all of them are still employed by the police department. Eight of those incidents did result in police officers being suspended without pay for a few weeks. In five incidents, officers were placed on leave or on desk duty.

Chicago cops arrested four of their own. Three other Chicago police officers were arrested in the suburbs, while six others were arrested out of state. So far, in 2009, three Chicago police officers have been arrested for DUI. Weiss is quick to point out that statistically, only 1 out of 1,000 Chicago cops was arrested for DUI in 2008. He did admit that it was the job of Chicago police officers to apprehend DUI offenders and not become one.

Alcohol impairs a motorist’s reflexes, decision-making skills, and abilities to stay lucid and respond quickly to changes in the environment. If you were injured by a negligent police officer or another motorist who was driving drunk or engaged in any other kind of negligent behavior, you may be entitled to Chicago personal injury recovery.

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