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Chicago Car Accident Law Firm: Illinois Head-On Motor Vehicle Crash Involving Pickup Truck Claims Toddler’s Life

A head-on crash in Vermillion County involving a pickup truck and an SUV has claimed the life of a toddler. Hoopestown resident Zachary Howard would have turned 2 this week. The deadly Illinois motor vehicle collision happened on Wednesday at around 4:30 pm on Illinois 1 about 1 mile from Hoopestown.

According to police, a pickup truck going north on Illinois 1 swerved into the southbound lane to hit a Ford Explorer driven by 44-year-old Denise Goodrum in a head-on crash. Zachary, Samuel Howard, 25, Robert Irvin, 19, and a 15-year-old passenger were riding the pickup truck driven by 23-year-old John Schwartz.

Both drivers and two of the people in the pickup were transported by air to an Urbana hospital. Preliminary reports indicate that Schwartz may have swerved into the other lane to avoid a car that was turning in front of him that he did not initially see. Witnesses say that the pickup truck wasn’t speeding.

Pickup Truck Accidents
While pickup trucks do not fall into the same category as large trucks, they are still bigger and heavier than most passenger vehicles and can cause substantial damage and serious injuries in the event of a pickup truck accident.

According to the Department of Transportation, in 2006, motor vehicle accidents involving light trucks and passenger vehicles resulted in twice as many deaths as auto crashes involving just passenger vehicles. One reason for this is that a pickup truck’s bumper usually is placed in a higher location than where bumpers are placed on minivans and cars. This can cause the bumper of the pickup truck to strike the hood or side of the car, which can lead to serious injuries.

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