Posted On: June 23, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Wrong-Way Driver Causes Illinois Car Crash on I-64 that Injures Three People

An Illinois motor vehicle crash on I-64 on Monday left three people injured on Monday. Police say the accident occurred because Breese resident Brian Kuper was driving the wrong way.

According to witnesses, Kuper was headed westbound when he drove into a turnaround area in the median and then kept going west in the eastbound lanes. His vehicle, a 1993 Pontiac minivan, was first struck by a Honda Odyssey before it collided with a Saturn. At this point, Kuper’s minivan rolled onto a Honda Civic before finally coming to a standstill.

Kuper sustained head injuries and was flown St. Louis University Hospital. The driver of the Civic, Lebanon resident Christopher Noeldner, and the driver of the Saturn, Frankfurt resident Douglas Jones, were also taken to the same hospital for minor injuries.

The wrong-way driving accident occurred approximately half a mile from where two sisters, 13-year-old Kelli Uhl and 18-year-old Jessica Uhl, died in 2007 when a car driven by an Illinois State Trooper crossed the median and struck the vehicle that they were in head-on. The Illinois Department of Transportation was supposed to install high-tension cable barriers in the median where the two girls died. Police, however, say Monday’s crash may still have occurred even if a barrier had been erected.

Wrong-Way Driving
Wrong-way driving can lead to deadly Chicago car accidents—especially as the motorist that is driving the wrong way is at high risk of hitting other vehicles in head-on crashes that can be catastrophic for the occupants of all vehicles involved.

Common scenarios that can lead to wrong-way driving accidents:

• A motorist enters a freeway through its exit.
• A driver ends up driving on the wrong side of the road.
• A motorist enters a one-way street but is driving in the opposite direction.

Many wrong-way driving accidents take place at night when Exit, Entrance, One-Way, and Do Not Enter signs are easier to miss.

Three hurt in crash caused by wrong-way driver on I-64,, June 23, 2009

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