Posted On: July 30, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Certain Foods are Dangerous to Eat While Driving and Can Cause Chicago Car Accidents

It is now common knowledge that talking on a cell phone while driving, texting and driving, and reading while driving are dangerous activities. Yet did you know that eating certain foods can also increase the chances you could become involved in a Chicago car accident?

According to some insurers, here are three groups of food to avoid while driving:

Any HOT liquids: Hot chocolate, hot soup, and hot coffee can become safety risks if you spill any of these items on yourself while driving in traffic.

GOOEY foods: Not only could you find yourself taking at least one hand off the steering wheel if your jelly donut ends up squirting onto your blouse and you scramble to unscrew your water bottle or search for a napkin to blot out the stain before an important meeting, but your attempts at multi-tasking could cause you to swerve out of your lane into the vehicle next to you or onto oncoming traffic.

Greasy foods: Apparently hamburgers, tacos, chili dogs, chicken wings, chocolate cake, and bbq ribs are considered dangerous dishes to eat while driving as well.

Of course, eating while driving is just one type of distracted driving that can lead to Chicago car crashes. And it’s a poor excuse if you ever do find that a cup of hot and sour soup caused you to become involved in a Chicago auto collision.

It can also be very costly—not just in terms of any traffic tickets that could result or an increase in insurance rates if you end up causing an Illinois traffic collision as a result—but if someone gets hurt, you could find yourself the defendant in a Chicago car accident lawsuit.

Eating while driving, dangerous foods, My Fox DC, July 28, 2009

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