Posted On: July 4, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Driving with a Hangover Can Cause Chicago Car Accidents

Did you know that driving while under the influence of a hangover can cause Chicago car accidents? While traffic conditions, traffic laws, and the way a driver handles a vehicle can all be determining factors of whether or not a person is able to drive safely, his or her state of mind is also important. For example, if you are running late for an important appointment, your anxiety may compel you to speed or try to run a red light without getting caught. If you have a high fever and you are driving, your mind may feel foggy, which could affect your ability to properly see your surroundings and might slow your reaction reflexes.

Hangovers can last as long as up to 24 hours after your Blood Alcohol Content hits 0. It can make you feel dehydrated, which leads to lethargy and lightheadedness. A hangover can cause you to experience glucose reduction, which could lead to exhaustion, decreased concentration, and a poor attention span. Hangovers can also cause sleep deprivation. All of these aftereffects can impede a motorist’s ability to stay alert and fully tuned in to the road conditions and the vehicles and pedestrians around him or her.

A study conducted in England at the Brunei University observed how a hangover can affect one’s driving compared to driving when sober. Among the findings:

• Hungover motorists were four times more likely to drive outside their lanes.
• Hungover drivers had a tendency to drive faster than sober drivers.
• Hungover motorists committed twice the number of traffic violations than their sober counterparts.

Many of us are aware of the dangers associated with drunk driving and are smart enough to avoid driving when under the influence of alcohol. However, just because a motorist may not know that driving with a hangover can lead to Chicago car accidents won't prevent him or her from being held accountable in a civil court for getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle the morning after a night of drinking because someone got hurt or died as a result.

You may be entitled to Chicago personal injury recovery.

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