Posted On: August 14, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

New Survey Ranks Chicago as #12 On 2009 List of US Metropolitan Centers with Most Road Rage

A 2009 new poll commissioned by AutoVantage called "In The Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey” ranks Chicago, Illinois number 12 on its list of 25 metropolitan centers in the United States. New York City ranked number one as the city with the rudest drivers in the country, a likely relief for Miami, which ranked on top for three years running until now.

When participants were asked what they felt were the leading causes of road rage, the most popular answers included:

• Bad driving
• Speeding
• Careless driving
• Tailgating
• Making obscene gestures
• Using a cell phone
• Failing to use the appropriate signals
• Running late, being in a hurry, being in a bad mood, feeling tired, having a bad day, or feeling stressed out
• Traffic
• Other car accidents
• Road construction
• Poor road conditions
• Rude drivers

The participants were asked about other drivers' behaviors that bothered them:

• Drivers who eat and drive
• Drivers who drink and drive
• Drivers who text or e-mail
• Speeding drivers
• Drivers who use cell phones

When asked how they might respond to behaviors by other drivers that bothered them:

• Curse at the motorist
• Honk their horn
• Make gestures with their arms
• Make obscene gestures
• Call police
• Rear end the car in front of them

Road Rage
Road rage can lead to Chicago car accidents resulting in serious injuries. A driver who is experiencing road rage may end up engaging in dangerous behavior, such as slamming the brakes to punish a tailgater, rear-ending a motorist who is driving too slowly, recklessly weaving out of traffic, or cutting off drivers in an attempt to vent their frustrations. This puts the angry driver, the other motorist, and the drivers and pedestrians around them at risk of serious injury or death.

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Affinion Road Rage 2009 Survey

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