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Two Illinois Car Accident Lawsuits Accuse Drivers of Failure to Obey Stop Sign

Two parents are suing driver Billie L. Varner for Illinois personal injury. Varner, allege Michael S. Overby and Tiffany Blomgren, ran a red light on June 27, 2008, striking the vehicle driven by Overby. Also riding in the car with Overby were his children, Alexandria and Paige Overby, and Blomgren’s children, Joshua and Michaela Blomgren. The four children are minors.

The plaintiffs contend that because of the Illinois car crash, Michael Overby became disabled and ill, sustained back injuries, and continues to experience pain. His vehicle was damaged during the traffic crash.

According to the Illinois injuries to minor lawsuit, the kids experienced disfigurement, disability, and pain and suffering. As a result of the plaintiffs' injuries, the car crash victims incurred medical expenses.

The Illinois car accident lawsuit claims Varner neglected to obey a traffic control device, was driving too fast, failed to maintain a proper lookout, and did not stop to avoid causing the motor vehicle collision. The plaintiffs are seeking over $50,000 from Varner.

In another Illinois car crash alleging failure to obey a stop sign, Amber N. Hosford says Shirley Hook failed to yield when she struck Hosford’s vehicle on February 24.

Hosford says that because of the traffic accident, she injured nerves, ligaments, bones, discs, and muscles in her body, back, and neck, as well as suffered from bruising. She contends her medical expenses are a result of her injuries. She also says she remains unable to tend to her regular responsibilities. Hosford is seeking over $50,000 from Hook.

Failure to Obey a Stop Sign
Not stopping or yielding at a stop sign can have catastrophic consequences for the vehicle occupants and pedestrians involved. Traffic signs exist to regulate traffic, warn of hazards, and prevent Illinois car accidents from happening. Failure to obey a traffic sign or a traffic light can be grounds for a Chicago car accident case if someone gets hurt or dies.

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