Posted On: November 23, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Products Liability?: KidsandCars.Org Says Tens of Millions of People Injured by Motor Vehicle Power Windows

Contrary to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s findings that less than 2,000 people a year are injured by power windows, has released research showing that tens of millions of vehicle occupants have been injured by these automatic windows. Harris Interactive administered the research, which was commissioned by, in October. Among the findings:

• More than 22 million US adults say they were hurt or know someone who was injured in a power window accident.
• Over 13 million adults say they hurt someone by shutting a car window.
• Over 10 million adults say they got hurt when someone else shut a vehicle window.

Basing its conclusions on its own findings, the NHTSA recently stated in its proposed rulemaking that auto reversing systems don’t have to be mandated. Now, wants NHTSA to make sure that ARS are required on all vehicles sold in this country. ARS stops a window from shutting when anything obstructs its path.

Auto manufacturers are aware that power windows can cause serious personal injury. It is their responsibility to design and manufacture auto parts in a manner that doesn't increase the chances of injury or death. Not installing ARS is one way to manufacture a power window that can cause accidental injury or death. Allowing the window to be raised via toggle switch can be dangerous as well, especially if a young child accidentally leans on it while sticking his or her head or finger out the window as it closes.

The majority of power windows use an upward force of 30 to 80 pounds. Only 22 pounds of force are required to hurt or suffocate a baby. The NHTSA and are both in agreement that about five kids a year are killed in power-window accidents.

A car manufacturer can be held liable for Illinois products liability if a person is injured by a defective auto part.

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