Posted On: November 13, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Home damaged in Chicago bus crash is razed after officials deem it structurally unsound

A single mother and her four sons, ages 8 to 16, must find another place to live after a CTA bus that crashed into their home damaged the residence to the point that it had to be raised. The Chicago motor vehicle accident happened at around 5:40 am on Wednesday at 115th Street and Vincennes Avenue in Morgan Park.

Four people who were in the CTA bus were injured. All of them, including bus driver 36-year-old Zoye Sanders, were taken to hospitals in good condition. Sanders was cited for negligent driving.

The bus crashed through the bedroom’s brick wall and a portion of the bathroom. The mother who lived in the house, Lasharon Smith, was unable to get a lot of the family’s belonging because officials would only let her enter the front of the residence. The family is staying with relatives.

A neighbor of Smith’s, Jerome Freeman, says this is the third Chicago motor vehicle crash this year where a property on the road has been involved. He says that his fence was hit in a Chicago car crash in January. Smith’s fence was hit by another car a few months ago.

Involvement in a Chicago bus crash can result in serious injuries that can result in costly medical bills. This is one reason it is important to determine whether other parties are liable for causing your injuries.

Because CTA buses are commercial vehicles, their drivers owe their passengers a duty of care, both professionally and legally, to safely take them where they need to go. When failure to fulfill that duty results in injury, death, or damages, the injured party may have grounds for a Chicago bus accident case.

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