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Morton Driver That Caused Three-Vehicle Illinois Car Crash Had BAC of .327

In Tazewell County, Illinois last week, 23-year-old Morton driver Jesse A. Horn was charged with three counts of aggravated driving under the combined influence of alcohol and drugs resulting in an accident causing great bodily harm, unlawful possession of a converted vehicle, and driving on a suspended license. All of these offenses are felonies.

Horn is accused of causing a three-vehicle Illinois car crash while driving a pickup truck on US Route 150 on September 16. Court documents indicate that Horn had just left the Morton Pumpkin Festival where he had been doing community service for a past DUI conviction when the deadly collision occurred.

12 people were sent to the hospital after Horn, who witnesses claim was driving the wrong way up a lane, allegedly rear-ended a Toyota truck and struck an approaching Jeep. Court records note that one car accident victim sustained vertebrae and rib fractures. Another victim, who broke his arm in three places, had to undergo surgery so pins could be installed to fix the injury.

Horn’s BAC at the time of the car accident was over four times the legal drinking and driving limit at .327. Drug testing also revealed that Horn had taken cannabis.

2008 Alcohol-Impaired Driving Facts (NHTSA):
• 11,773 US drunk driving-related deaths.
• That’s one drunk driving death every 45 minutes.
• 8,027 drunk drivers died.
• 1,875 of the victims that died were riding in a car with a drunk driver.
• 1,179 victims were riding in the other vehicle involved in the drunk driving accident.
• 692 of the people that died were not riding a vehicle.

On a positive note, there were less alcohol-impaired fatalities last year than there were in 2007 when 13,041 people died because drivers were drunk. That said, too many people are still dying in Chicago car crashes because of this type of negligent driving behavior.

Morton man charged in crash that injured 12, Pekin Times, October 30, 2009

Alcohol-Impaired Driving, 2008 Traffic Safety Facts, NHTSA (PDF)

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