Posted On: December 23, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Buffalo Grove Car Accident Victim and Highland Park Driver Agree to $1 Million Chicago Personal Injury Settlement

A $1 million Chicago car accident settlement has been reached between two former best friends. Marissa Palmer, a 22-year-old Buffalo Grove woman, sustained a closed head injury, road rash injuries, spinal, rib, and neck fractures, and lacerated her liver and spleen in 2006 after she was ejected from the Jeep Cherokee that Dana Horowitz, a Highland Park resident, was driving.

The two women were University of Wisconsin undergrad students at the time of the catastrophic three-vehicle crash that took place in snowy weather. They were traveling from Madison to Highland Park on icy roads.

According to witnesses, Horowitz was operating her motor vehicle at a speed of about 60 mph while other motorists were driving at approximately half that speed. She lost control of her Jeep, drove over the median, and struck two other autos.

While a motorist is not responsible for poor weather conditions and the hazards that they can create on wet, icy, or foggy roads, a driver can be held liable for Chicago personal injury if the motorist fails to modify his/her driving to prevent an Illinois car accident from happening.

A driver may have to reduce the vehicle's speed to lower than the posted speed limit to prevent his/vehicle from sliding uncontrollably on icy or wet roads. Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving when the road conditions are poor can cause tragic car accidents.

The party responsible for your Chicago, Illinois motor vehicle accident may be the driver of another vehicle, the driver of the vehicle that you are a passenger in, or another person or entity.

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