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Illinois Motor Vehicle Complaint Seeks Compensation for Injuries Sustained by Woman and Her Son

A woman is suing a motorist for personal injuries that she and her son suffered during an Illinois car crash. Philicia Holman is seeking over $150,000 plus other relief and costs.

According to Holman, she and her son, O’Brien Pigee, were in Alton late in the afternoon of October 30, 2008 when they stopped for traffic. She says that is when Matthew Sanders, driving a 1999 GM Suburban, rear-ended the 2002 Chevrolet Malibu that they were riding in.

Holman says she sustained shoulder, neck, abdomen, and back injuries from the Alton car accident. She also has experienced headaches, lost income, can no longer participate in certain activities, and incurred medical expenses. She also says that she and her son sustained injuries to muscles, membranes, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, tissues, as well as became disordered, sore, sick, and lame and experienced great anguish and pain.

Holman is accusing Sanders of not seeing her auto, failing to properly controlling his motor vehicle, neglecting to drive at a reasonable speed, failing to maintain a safe distance from her auto, and neglecting to slow down to avoid causing a car accident.

Rear-End Accidents
A rear-end crash can cause the occupants in the vehicle that is struck to propel their heads forward at a speed that is 10 times or greater than the force of gravity. Rear-end crashes can cause back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, whiplash, cervical spine injuries, disc injuries, nerve injuries, joint injuries, ligament injuries, and other serious injuries. These types of injuries are very painful and debilitating. A rear-end car crash victim may have to undergo surgery, take pain medication, and spend months in physical therapy. In some cases, the injuries may be permanent.

Mother sues driver over injuries she and son sustained in accident, The Record, December 16, 2009

Cervical spine injuries and whiplash caused by rear end collision< SRISD

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