Posted On: February 15, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Parents File Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Chicago Car Crash that Claimed Toddler’s Life

The parents of Joshua Molina, Jr., 13 months, are suing driver Putiporn Kaewmooka for their son’s Chicago, Illinois wrongful death. Joshua Molina and two adults, Aldo Maldonado and Orlando Rodriguez died in a Chicago car accident on February 1 when Kaewmooka struck the vehicle they were riding as he was fleeing from another auto accident site.

According to the couple’s Chicago car accident lawyer, Kaewmooka was driving at speeds of about 80 to 100 mph, not driving in the correct lane, and did not have his car lights on even though it was late at night. Kaewmooka’s Toyota Camry struck the vehicle Joshua Molina Sr., who was turning left.

Young Joshua, who was in a child safety seat, was knocked out of the car seat that he was fastened into and struck the rear window. Rodriguez and Maldonado, who were Joshua Molina Sr.'s best friends, were riding in the backseat of the car with the toddler. Maldonado was thrown from the vehicle.

Amy Alanis and Joshua Molina’s Chicago injury lawsuit is seeking at least $50,000 from Kaewmooka for their personal injuries and their son’s wrongful death.

Kaewmooka, who was charged with traffic citations, has been released on bond. The couple’s lawyer doesn’t believe that police charged Kaewmooka with the proper citations or crimes.

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