Posted On: May 20, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Winnetka Teen that Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury During Cook County Car Accident Shows Signs of Recovery

A 16-year-old Winnetka pedestrian who sustained brain swelling and a skull fracture after she was struck during a Cook County hit and run car crash last Friday is beginning to show signs of recovery. Doctors removed the ventilator tube from Sarah Goone on Wednesday.

The New Trier High School teen underwent surgery to alleviate the pressure and bleeding in her brain. Doctors also had to temporarily remove a portion of her skull so that the swelling could go down. Goone’s family says that she is still experiencing some difficulties with her speech.

The Cook County pedestrian accident happened as Goone was crossing Green Bay Road and Winnetka Avenue. She was struck by a vehicle driven by Erin Hughes, 18, who also studies at New Trier Township. According to preliminary toxicology test findings, Hughes had tetrahydrocannabinol in her system when the car accident happened. The chemical is found in the marijuana plant. Hughes is charged in the hit-and-run driving accident. Other charges may be pending. If convicted, she could serve up to seven years in prison for the most serious charge.

Drugged Driving
Driving under the influence of any drug can be dangerous. Drugs can affect cognition, perception, balance, attention, reaction time, coordination, and other faculties required to drive safely. For example, Marijuana can impact the parts of the brain that control coordination, movement, balance, judgment, sensations, and memory.

Impaired driving puts not just the driver’s life at risk, but also endangers the lives of others on the road. Drugged driving, like drunk driving and distracted driving, is negligent driving and injured parties may have grounds for filing a Chicago car accident lawsuit.

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