Posted On: July 12, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Car Accident: Street Race on Eisenhower Expressway Ends One Man’s Life

Maurice Horton died early Sunday when the car he was a passenger in crashed while racing with another vehicle on the westbound Eisenhower Expressway. The Chicago car accident, which occurred near Oakley Boulevard, happened at around 2:40 am when one of the vehicles, a Chevrolet Impala, drove off the road, overturned, and struck a tree.

Horton, 28, was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital at around 4am. The car driver, who was ejected from the auto was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Meantime, another passenger who was in the car sustained non-life-threatening injuries. No one in the car was using a seat belt. The other car that was involved in the Chicago car race fled the Cook County accident site.

Illegal Street Racing
Illegal street racing is a dangerous activity that has caused many deaths over the years. Drag racing on roads that are not designated for this type of activity endangers the lives not just of the participants but also of innocent bystanders and others that happen to be on the same roads where the racing is taking place.

Other reasons why many unnecessary Chicago car accidents happen:

• Speeding
• Drunk driving
• Road rage
• Aggressive driving
• Distracted driving
• Texting while driving
• Talking on a cell phone while driving
• Drugged driving
• Auto products liability
• Driver inexperience

Our Chicago car accident lawyers can help you consider your legal options. We know that dealing with the legalities of a Cook County motor vehicle crash claim is the last thing you want to do immediately after a catastrophic collision, but it is important to get the process rolling while evidence and witness accounts are still fresh.

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