Posted On: August 23, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Doggie Distractions Can Cause Chicago Car Accidents

According to an AAA survey, two-thirds of dog owners say that it isn’t uncommon for them to pet, feed, or play with their dogs while driving. This behavior can end up falling under the category of distracted driving if it prevents a driver from paying attention to the road. After all, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that a mere two seconds with a driver’s eyes off the road can double his/her car crash risk.

Among those polled:
• 55% say they have pet their dog while driving
• 21% have driven with their dog on the lap
• 7% have given a dog food and water while weaving through traffic
• 5% have played with the pet while driving
• Only 17% use a pet-restraint system

Our Chicago car accident lawyers want to remind you that now more than ever, distracted driving can be considered negligent driving—especially if someone gets hurt or dies as a result. A few other examples of distracted driving include, texting while driving, reading while driving, and surfing the Internet.

Even if you aren’t playing with or petting your dog while operating your vehicle, it is still important that your pet is properly restrained. An unrestrained dog can be a force to be reckoned with in a vehicle. If its body gets flung around during a Chicago car accident, vehicle occupants are at risk of injury from the force of impact. You definitely don’t want your dog sitting on your lap if the air bag in front of you deploys.

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