Posted On: September 3, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Allstate Ranks Chicago Among Cities with Worst Drivers

According to Allstate Insurance’s 2010 “Best Driver Report,” Chicago ranks at 167 out of the 200 on this year’s list of safe driving cities. This means that Chicago is an easy place to get into a Chicago car accident. On average, Chicago drivers are involved in one collision every seven and a half years. Last year, Chicago was ranked number 170.

It is probably a good move then that local law enforcement officers will take part in a statewide and nationwide campaign to crack down on drunk drivers, safety belt law violators, and other reckless motorists. The traffic safety campaign, called You Drink & Drive. You Lose. is running now until the end of Labor Day.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic Safety says that late nights are when fatal drunk driving crashes are most likely to happen. This is also when less people are using seat belts or child safety seats. Last year in Illinois, 795 of the motor vehicle fatalities that occurred between midnight and 3am involved an inebriated motorist. Only 25% of those that died were properly restrained.

That said, failure to use a safety belt and drunk driving are not the only reasons that Chicago auto crashes happen. Collisions also occur because of speeding, failure to obey traffic laws, distracted driving, drugged driving, auto defects, road defects, and other causes.

While it is always good news when law enforcement and government officials step in to try and prevent motor vehicle crashes, it is still up to drivers to operate their vehicles safely. If you or your loved one was injured in a Chicago auto accident, our Chicago, Illinois car accident law firm would be happy to offer you a free case evaluation.

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