Posted On: October 7, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Teen Killed in Chicago Car Accident Involving Police Pursuit

18-year-old Brian Dewitt is dead following a Chicago car accident with an Evergreen Park police car. According to police, Dewitt was driving his car in the West Morgan Park neighborhood on Tuesday night when his vehicle collided with a police car pursuing a speeding driver. Dewitt’s friend Matthew Brew was a passenger in his car. He was hospitalized with injuries.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the traffic crash. Investigators are trying to determine whether the cop had activated his siren and light or if Dewitt ran a red light.

If the authorities discover that the Evergreen Park police officer failed to activate his siren or lights or behaved carelessly or recklessly while chasing the other car, Dewitt’s family may have grounds for a Chicago wrongful death case.

Police officers are expected to follow protocol and procedures when chasing a suspect in their vehicle. This includes making sure that they have done everything possible to warn other vehicles and pedestrians that they are engaged in a police chase and that they are not driving at a speed that endangers the suspect or innocent bystanders.

Earlier last month, an Illinois state trooper crashed his police car into a vehicle while pursuing another auto over an alleged traffic violation. Trooper John W. Ritchie has said that he waited too long to step on the brakes while turning into a curve. Injured in the Illinois car accident were the 24-year-old Kyle J. Stover, who is the driver of the vehicle that Ritchie struck, and his passenger Samantha Welch.

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