Posted On: July 14, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Car Accident Law Firm Says Talk to an Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer First Before Speaking with Other Party’s Insurance Company

If you were recently injured in an Illinois motor vehicle collision, our Chicago car accident law firm understands that you may be feeling overwhelmed. Your initial reaction to getting rid of your anxiety may be to settle your Chicago, Illinois personal injury case without speaking to a lawyer first.

This is not a good idea. You likely will not know how much time it will take for you to recover from your injuries or how much it will cost you to get the medical and rehabilitation care that you need. There may even be more than one reason why you can hold a negligent party liable for personal injury, and there may be even more than one party that you can hold responsible for your Illinois car accident case.

If you agree to settle your case right away, you give away your right to negotiate the maximum recovery possible once all the accident evidence is discovered. This is why before you even speak to representatives for any other parties, Chicago Car Crash Attorney Steve Malman wants you to call him right away for a free consultation.

By exploring your legal options, you give yourself the chance to receive all of the compensation that you could be owed. Recent Illinois personal injury lawsuits that have been filed by negligent car accident victims include:

• James Jones is suing driver Gregory L Willyerd for over $50,000. Jones says that because Willyerd was driving too fast, did not keep a proper lookout, and was unable to control his vehicle, he struck the car that Jones was a passenger in. Jones says he sustained shoulder and back injuries as a result.

• Andrew Brewster is suing Lea Sayles for personal injury because he says she rear-ended his vehicle at an Illinois intersection. He is seeking over $50,000 for his spinal, neck, and back injuries.

• Tina Bivins is suing Heidi Huff. Bivins is accusing Huff of crashing into her vehicle. Bivins contends that the Illinois car accident happened because Huff did not keep a proper lookout, did not try to avoid a collision, and was driving too fast. Bivins says her body and nervous system were injured.

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