Posted On: July 10, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Prevent Chicago Car Accidents by Exercising Caution in Illinois Highway Construction Zones

According to 2007 statistics, there was a 17% decline in the number of US construction zone deaths from the year before. However, with 835 highway construction zone deaths in ’07—almost 2.3 fatalities a day—that’s 835 deaths too many.

Many people think that construction zone deaths and injuries only affect construction workers and road zone employees. However, 4 out of every 5 fatalities that occur in a highway work zone are motorists involved in Chicago car accidents. This fact is important to realize, considering that more construction projects are expected to set up work zones in the future.

While the parties in charge of the construction zones must set up the proper warnings and signs to indicate that there is a work zone on the road and workers must wear the proper protection and safety gear, motorists are responsible for driving safely through these areas so that more Chicago car accidents don’t happen.

Motorists can be held liable for Chicago personal injury or wrongful death if a vehicle occupant, a pedestrian, another driver, or a construction worker gets hurt because the driver caused an Illinois car accident in a work zone.

Steps Chicago motorists can take to prevent construction zone accidents:
• If you have to merge into another lane, do so as soon as it is possible to merge safely.
• Watch out for construction trucks and make sure that you keep a good following distance behind them.
• Do not talk on the cell phone, text message, or read while in a construction zone. In fact, don't do any of these activities whenever you are driving.
• Obey the posted speed limit.
• Watch out for construction workers.

Of course, Chicago car accidents can also happen in construction work zones because a construction worker was negligent or the parties in charge of overseeing the construction site did not set up the work zone properly. Some causes of Chicago motor vehicle crashes in highway construction zones:

• Debris
• Improperly set up cones
• Inadequate warning signs

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